Never had CloudFlare, but somehow have an SSL?

I apparently have an SSL for my domain through CloudFlare. Which is odd since I’ve NEVER used CF. I literally created this account just to try to get some help. I need this CF SSL disabled/removed/destroyed/ended.

Any advice?

The easiest way would be to change your name servers at your domain registrar so your domain uses the name servers recommended by your host.


Ticket #2271561


Can you share the hostname of the cert that is an issue? Or the domain name?

You may have used a SAAS service that relied on Cloudflare, such as Shopify. The easiest thing is to have the SAAS provider deprovision the service.

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I wish I could have the provider take care of it, the problem is that literally nobody has the slightest clue how it happened or who is responsible for it. I’ve run out of hair to pull out and have moved on to pulling out the carpet!

% host is an alias for

Your website is a Shopify site. Shopify use Cloudflare as part of their solution, and you should contact them in the first instance.

What is the actual problem you are having?

It is now. That’s how this whole shitshow started. When I pointed my domain at Shopify. Before that it was using an HTML redirect to my Facebook page. And before that it was a half dozen ecommerce/cms systems while I was experimenting.

I’ve also spent close to a dozen hours with their “support” already. They have zero clue about this.

Can you explain what this is?

You created a Shopify account, and pointed your DNS at Shopify. As part of the onboarding, Shopify issued an SSL cert for your domain. As Shopify use Cloudflare, that certificate was issued by Cloudflare. It is unclear what the problem is.

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Ok. So this is because you’ve pointed your DNS records to Shopify. Your root domain points to a 23. address belonging to Shopify, as does your ‘www’ hostname, as described above. Point your DNS records elsewhere and the problem will go away.

That would just mask the issue and isn’t a solution. I’m trying to use Shopify. Pointing my DNS elsewhere kinda defeats that.

Then welcome to the world of Shopify’s exceedingly unhelpful Support system. I don’t know if they’re lazy, or just incompetent, but the end result is the same.

The issue is, that isn’t the case. At all. The cert that already exists on the domain, which is somehow through CF, existed pre-Shopify. Shopify CANNOT install their’s due to the pre-existing one.

They can. They just don’t want to put the effort into it. So they send you on your merry way to fix something you can’t fix.


Didn’t work. Tried it to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Ticket #2271561

So, is it possible to get anyone who can actually do anything on the forum or is this strictly other users?

I really don’t know why you’re bugging Cloudflare. You’re not a Cloudflare customer. You’re a Shopify customer.

The only other way is to get these people to remove your domain from their system:


Because, at the end of the day, the root of the issue is a Cloudflare SSL that should no longer exist. Nobody else seems willing/capable of purging it, so I’m attempting to go to the people who actually have the cert. Which would be Cloudflare. Literally all I need is for the cert to be deleted.

Cloudflare puts a lot of things on a lot of websites at the request of a customer. What you’re asking is for them to remove something that someone else put on.

What you need is a vendor that can manage their IP address.

This is typical of Shopify support, as you’ve already come to realize.

That’s right. Something that someone else put on… to MY domain. I don’t see where the confusion lies.

I’m pretty sure you can’t call up Rhino and ask them to remove this just because it’s your car.