Networking Noob - Need Static IP address


I am a long time user of CF for all my websites. Now I have a new requirement: I have 5 remote workers outside of Australia.

We provide support services to our Customers in browser apps (e.g. over HTTPS).

We want to use a single Australian IP when we connect to their systems so that they do not see 5 different IP addresses.

Is Cloudflare Gateway/WARP/Zero Trust the right tool for this? I tried it and could not see any way to choose Australia as the location for all outgoing traffic.

If not, what tool would be good for this?

Even if you could pick Australia, that would not guarantee that all of you get the very same Australian IP.

The right tool for this job is a very small (but good connection) VPS or something like this, for small money and then setup a VPN Server. Connect to this VPN Server with your VPN Clients. That will guarantee that you all have the very same IP. I am not aware of Cloudflare having a service that lets multiple people enforce the very same IP, but the enterprise plan makes a lot possible, that normally is not.

Just my 2 cents, maybe some people here have better ideas, or even know a product/service of Cloudflare, that can do so.

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Thank you, that is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I do not think CF is a good product fit in this case.

We have Microsoft Azure with free sponsored credits, so the other options I am looking at it Windows Virtual Desktop (where the VM is based in Aus with a fixed IP) OR Azure VPN Gateway.


Cloudflare Zero Trust does offer dedicated egress IPs, but the feature is only available to Enterprise customers. You can read more about it here.


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