Network speed loss drastic

Hi, I’m new to the world of Cloudflare although I have been using your DNS Servers for some time. I have just downloaded the Cloudflare (Warp) app to my old MacBook running macOS High Sierra. My issue is that my network speed drops by about 50% with Warp on.
I am a private domestic user, not a web site manager, I am not part of Teams, I just wanted a secure means of accessing the internet with similar speed. I do not need to sidestep DRM, I am just looking for a simple means to secure my online transactions without investing in a fully fledged VPN service.
Perhaps I got it wrong when I installed your app as I now see that it seems much more suited to website managers and corporate users rather than domestic.
I can find no setup guide for my purposes nor any indication of if I need to be using your DNS Servers at all. Currently my estimated Latency is 218ms and appears to be routed through a US site while I am in the Southern Hemisphere (Indonesia).
If you feel this app is unsuited to my needs then I’m fine with that as just using your DNS Servers has been very satisfactory and I may simply have to consider extending the umbrella of ExpressVPN which currently covers my other 5 devices.

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