Network shares slowness over WARP

We recently implemented WARP in our environment and since then users are impacted badly with network shares accessibility. it takes ages to open, access or close files located over the network shares.
any suggestion as we have tried various things but no luck.

Do you mean the speed is slow when using WARP on the same LAN as the file server, or the speed is slow when the user is remote?

If the former, then likely your requests are routing via the tunnel rather than direct on the LAN. Check your split tunnel settings and if you need both access from the LAN and while remote, then you’ll need to set up two locations with location detection so you can set different split tunnels settings for each (we have one for each office and a default one for remote).

If you mean the speed is slow when remote, then that is fairly usual for SMB shares, the protocol doesn’t work well over a WAN as latency increases. We see SMB performance equivalent to our previous VPN, which wasn’t amazing but ok for our use case (editing code, not moving lots of files or huge ones). There’s various ways of tuning the server to make some improvements, whether it be Windows file sharing or Samba.

Regardless of their location, in office or home same impact.
For example, Finance users trying to excel files stored on a file server. it takes 1 minute at least to close a file and while its closing explorer goes into hand state. At first, we thought could be a machine issue. Newly build machines are doing same thing. Not only one or two users, but whole finance department is also struggling.