Network problem after using app on Android in China

Title: Network problem after using app on Android in China


Hello, I am an Android user of Faster Internet app in China. I downloaded and installed this app a few days ago, hoping to improve my network speed and security. It worked well for the first few days, but today I suddenly found that I could not connect to the internet, either by mobile data or WLAN. When I tried to open any website or app, it showed me a proxy error, saying that it could not connect to the proxy server, even though I did not enable any proxy settings on my phone.

I have tried the following methods, but none of them worked:

  • Uninstall and reinstall app
  • Reset my network settings
  • Restart my phone
  • Check my SIM card
  • Send an email to [email protected], but only received an automatic reply, telling me to check Cloudflare’s documentation or community

I don’t know how this problem occurred, nor how to solve it. I am very frustrated and confused. I wonder if anyone else has encountered a similar problem, and if there is any effective solution. This problem is very important and urgent for me, as my Android phone contains some important data that I need to access and backup.

Can anyone help me, or give me some guidance or advice? I appreciate your attention and assistance. Thank you.

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