Network prioritization on Enterprise plan

Hi there!
I’m trying to understand, what is “Network prioritization” on Enterprise plan.
Found only “Enterprise web assets are placed on Cloudflare dedicated IP ranges , providing prioritized routing and protection to ensure maximum speed and availability”.
How does it work?

Does it really make sense? Or maybe it just speeds up at 0.00000000000000000001 sec because the router works with the list (range) of IPs from the top of list (with dedicated Enterprise IPs) to the bottom (with all the rest IPs)?
And what about availability? How can some resources be more or less available because of the IP range?
How does it work?

:wave: @al_pesegov,

Cloudflare uses BGP routing to determine which colos certain IP ranges are advertised from. Enterprise customers are advertised from the broadest set. In addition, if there is network congestion or performance degradation Cloudflare prioritizes optimization of traffic for/to Enterprise IP address ranges over other plans. It’s also possible to optimize for/ utilize specific network providers in a given colo for particular ranges as well.



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