Network issues?

Is there some sort of networking issue with Cloudflare? All of a sudden we cannot connect to our main website (protected by Cloudflare) from our corporate VPN. I’ve gone ahead and whitelisted our VPN IP in the Firewall section of Cloudflare but it does not have any effect. I’ve also seen a couple of clients complain about the same thing. This started happening as of Thursday or Friday of last week. Not sure if there is some sort of an issue or someone can advise how I might be able to troubleshoot?

Nothing’s terribly broken, just some rerouting. What error are you getting when you try to connect?

If I were to blame anything, it’d be a corporate outbound firewall. That’s how my workplace punishes me.

When you attempt to resolve the host record for Cloudflare from a machine having an issue does it match the IP address returned for the same site using public DNS tools?

I get this on VPN:

Error 502 Ray ID: 38ab48d9663d715b • 2017-08-07 15:31:44 UTC

Bad gateway

Yes looks like both show the same IP

The server isn’t responding to Cloudflare’s requests:

I’d try pausing Cloudflare (switch to grey cloud in DNS) and see if your server starts responding. Then start checking server logs.

Just did some digging based on the RayID and definitely see the IP address associated with that consistently getting 522 errors. So then I did a search on that zone across all our colos and I’m seeing 522 errors from a large number of them (but not all) across the globe. If it was just a single DC of ours I might think it could be a problem in our colo with routing, but given that I see it across a large number of colos I think it is more likely to be a routing issue at the origin.

Not trying to duck blame… it could still be us. But it seems less likely than an origin DC issue. I would recommend opening a ticket with support if you need further details as the community may not be able to provide a lot more detail.

Hope that helps…

Just to clarify, we only see this issue on our VPN (and select clients). If I turn off my VPN, I can connect fine

Where can I submit a ticket? Wasn’t able to find the link

If you’re signed into you should be able to see a box at the bottom of a KB article titled “Still not finding what you need?” with a Submit a support request button. The other option is to email/ auto-open a case supportCloudflarecom.

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Thanks, I’ve just submit a ticket