Network Issue (Singapore, Malaysia)


We’re experiencing a network issue from Singapore and Malaysia. Our visitors can’t access our servers or access with huge delays (2100ms, 5000ms, 6000ms). I have opened a ticket but nobody is answering. What a terrible service nowadays!

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Hi there,

Sorry that you’re seeing this issue.

First of all, we’d like to invite you to check the Cloudflare Observatory that can help you understand why your website is slow: Faster website, more customers: Cloudflare Observatory can help your business grow

We recommend you to test the performance of your website using the Speed Test under Speed → Observatory in the Cloudflare Dashboard.
You can then find more details here on how to understand the results.

Regarding your performance issues, we do need more information. Please share the following information with us so we can investigate further:

  • What you are using to measure and test site performance. If you are using an online reporting tool, for example, please provide us with the URL linking to the report

  • A specific URL that is slow

  • The output from running the following command:

curl -svo /dev/null -w "Connect: %{time_connect} \n TTFB: %{time_starttransfer} \n Total time: %{time_total} \n" https://<SLOW URL>
  • The output of the following webpage in a browser: http:///cdn-cgi/trace

  • A HAR file demonstrating the issue from your browser

  • An MTR or traceroute to <HOSTNAME> from an affected device

  • Any information from any other tools showing the performance issue: please provide details on how did you measure or where did you get the information

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