Network DNS and A

My website went off and I contacted my host and they told me to change DNS A so I did but it is still not working.
Any help please?

You did change the IP address in Cloudflare’s control panel to what they told you, right?

Whats the domain and whats the IP address?

I did it in cPanel
The domain is and IP told is
Thank you :blush:

You need to change this on Cloudflare, not your host’s control panel.

Please use the search as you were prompted when you wrote your posting.

Enter #CommunityTip & the error message you’re seeing to find Community Tips with advice and insight.

Please search for any existing topics relating to your subject before posting.

Your issue will be an incorrect IP address, however your error is precisely described at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out (which you would have found via the search).

Thank you :blush:

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