Network attack to a VPS hosted in Contaboo

Hello! We have a VPS hosted in Contaboo running an online server game and a web page with xampp. Since we started we’ve been under several network attacks that made the host disconnect our server to “protect its own network”. We don’t know the magnitude of the attack or the origin of it. When an attack happens, the host send us and email reporting us the attack and the disconnection of our VPS, but gives no information.

We made research of anti ddos, but as beggingers, we don’t know wich service we could need to contract. We don’t know if the ClodFlare’s free plan could help us, or even the 20$ plan or neither. We don’t even know if CloudFlare services could help us to protect the web and the game.

We will appreciate a lot your contributions! Thank you.

Cloudflare offers many tools to help mitigate DDoS, but it’s not a silver bullet. But keep in mind Cloudflare only proxies and protects HTTP(S) traffic (unless you’re on the very expensive Enterprise Plan) on the following ports:

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