NetGear R7000 not conecting to new DNS

I have input the new DNS addresses and after I save the changes I do not get any IP information back and lose internet connection! I have no idea what else I would need to do I have tried it two times. Do I need to cycle my internet cable device as well?

Can you please follow this guide and perform those actions that apply?

I am not sure what you are asking me to try? This link leads to another post with nothing that I can see relating to the issue I am having with my Router not connecting after I make the DNS server changes!

This post contains steps to check an trouble shoot. Which helps us and the CF team to solve this issue. I assume you don’t lose your internet connection. I think you just can’t resolve hostnames. This is most likely caused by your router or ISP blocking access to the Cloudflare nanservers or some other routing issues.

If you contact the support they would ask you to perform similar checks. The above post was written by @cs-cf based on frequently asked questions here in the forums a few days after was launched.

Let’s start with a traceroute.

If you are using Windows open the command prompt, execute the following command and post your results here.


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