Netgear C6300 DNS Invalid IP

My router is a netgear C6300 and is currently configured to use the google dns server, however when I go to change it to and and click apply, the page just says failure invalid ip. Any suggestions?

It’s quite possible that the Netgear, like some other hardware, allocates for something else. Will it take just

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I’m trying to change the DNS on my router to, but it keeps coming up with an “Invalid IP address.” error.

This is how I’m typing it in:

And this is what the error looks like:

I’ve tried filling in the tertiary space with Google’s but it comes up with the same result. ■■■■, I even tried clicking apply with “Get automatically from ISP” checked, but it still says “Invalid IP address”

Any ideas?

Well that seems unfortunate. Try rebooting the router, firmware on those devices can be horribly unreliable (might check for a firmware update as well).

I believe these two are the same issue… You @kenzer161 and @ThatOneLegion should probably try to update the firmware, otherwise contact Netgear about it!

I was trying to do the same thing. Some months ago, I had manually entered the Google DNS, but now I couldn’t change it to Cloudflare, getting the Invalid IP address. I tried OpenDNS, and some others from the list I got running DNS Benchmark. None of them would work. Did a factory reset, now I can’t change it to anything. I’ve seen this is an issue in a number of other forums, including more than one thread in the Netgear forums. So far, no DD-WRT support for the C6300. Fortunately, I have a TP-Link C9 already set up with DD-WRT, so I’m going to shut off the router portion of the C6300 and use it as a modem only. Good luck with the C6300, Netgear is not responding to the problems, and quite a few users are getting quite frustrated. By the way, my firmware is fully up to date.

This solution mostly worked for me. I have no idea why it won’t let me change DNS #2 yet. I used in Tertiary DNS, applied the change, replaced Primary DNS with, again applied changes. Both were successful, the secondary DNS seems to be locked, I tried to delete it and replace it, neither works. The final step I took was to swap #1 and #3. I have verified that at least the primary is using on both my PC’s, The secondary was set to googles from long ago, and remains steadfast on it’s claim at #2. I use Spectrum and c6300 with firmware V2.01.26, hope this helps!