Net Virtua blocking cloudflare IPs


Hello, a few of the web sites I host with you stopped working in a specific ISP.

The ISP name is Claro/Net Virtua.

The IP that I’m having problem right now is

If I run traceroute, I get this:

$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 6.854 ms 4.902 ms 7.876 ms
2 ( 24.539 ms 20.920 ms 15.904 ms
3 ( 14.653 ms 12.137 ms 22.169 ms
4 ( 16.918 ms 15.454 ms 18.163 ms
5 * * *


Can you post the complete traceroute output?


This is the full traceroute. it stopped after that, never reaching Cloudflare. I used an android app for running it, because I was testing via Claro.

I know it’s not cloudflare fault, but maybe someone there (or here in the forum) can try to solve this issue with them (there are very open to acknowledge problems with them)


Hmm, usually it either reaches the host or stops after a maximum number of hops (typically 30) but that output shouldnt happen. Maybe try it with another application.

So these sites dont open at all? Which error do you get?


It stays loading until get a browser “cannot connect” error.

I don’t have access to this ISP (and now all my employees that use this ISP already left home), the above image is from a customer.

I changed the website to another provider, and mirror-ed the api to another domain, but with new features been added to cloudflare, I’m worried have this issue and not get any feedback (as users can’t get in contact with us if they can’t reach our site :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’d try to reach out to that ISP. That must be an internal issue within their network.


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