.Net.NL domains not resolving


I have multiple .net.nl domains. One of them is puzzelwoordenboek .net.nl

I am able to see NS Servers updated here at dnschecker, and also domain was successfully activated in Cloudflare.

I have added an A record and a www CNAME record. But they are not updating.

And its the same issue with my other .net.nl domains.
Attached screenshot of DNS config on Cloudflare.

Technically, domain names are queried from left to right, based on the labels separated by dots.

So in your case, first .NL is being attempted, which is then forwarding to ns1.com.nl and ns2.com.nl name servers to find further information about .NET.NL.

When you end up on querying those ns1.com.nl and ns2.com.nl name servers for further information about where to find your domain, puzzelwoordenboek.net.nl, those two name servers are actually returning authoritative information, signalling that your domain is actually configured on the two name servers ns1.com.nl and ns2.com.nl.

In addition to answers authoritatively for your domain, they provide a SOA record (as expected on authoritative zones), as well as two NS records, pointing to ariadne.ns.cloudflare.com and alex.ns.cloudflare.com.

You must have the name server delegation changed (and not just some NS records in the already existing zone at the current name servers), which means that the ns1.com.nl and ns2.com.nl name servers MUST drop the authoritative zone status (as well as dropping the SOA record) for puzzelwoordenboek.net.nl, and only present the NS delegation records to forward the sub-delegation of your domain towards Cloudflare.

It points towards that you either haven’t changed the name servers at the right place from your domain registrar.

Or that operation of sub-delegations from .NET.NL is broken.

I suggest you contact your domain registrar about this, and get them to escalate it further, if necessary.

From time to time, I would ditch those DNS checkers.

The concept / idea is nice, however, the quality is often … doubtful.

They are however often showing the authoritative NS record responses, and not actually the delegation.of NS records from the parent zone.

You would need the latter, in order to see whether the domain has been actually been delegated properly to a specific set of name servers.

That would sound strange, given the above.

What status does it show, below the domain, on the front page of the Cloudflare Dashboard?

If that is a different place from where you see the successful status, - please post a screenshot of the above front page, as well as the place where you see the successful status.


What I find strange about this is that .net.nl is not on the Public Suffix List:


So I’m not entirely sure how it ever would have gone Active on Cloudflare, unless it’s an Enterprise subdomain setup.


Thankyou so much for the explanation.
Here are the attached screenshot of Cloudflare Dashboard


Looking at DNS for that domain, a dig shows some other DNS setting SOA for your domain:

dig SOA puzzelwoordenboek.net.nl

puzzelwoordenboek.net.nl. 86400 IN SOA ALEX.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM. hostmaster.nl.COM. 1 10800 3600 604800 3600

Only Cloudflare DNS should be declaring SOA for your domain. Please check with your registrar/DNS host if they can help clear that up.

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