Net/http: timeout awaiting response headers

Hi there!

The server link without ipv is saying this:

net/http: timeout awaiting response headers

In the redhat, people say about the:

And the cloufalre staff is saying about the :slight_smile: Deadlines

Would it be possible for you to clarify your issue here?
Where are you getting this error?

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yeah, we ve updtated the server for the cloudflare, but the indian server has aswered this error sometimes, until the flare opens.

then we tryed to make the javascript flares screens opens, to make the system recover it.

no we re still having 522 error in the dns

Error 522 indicates that Cloudflare is unable to reach the origin web server and the request times out:

I would recommend you to make sure that your origin server allow connections from all Cloudflare IPs:

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Hi there! How to make this whitelist the ip from cloudflare?
because the server is acessible from allthe world, but the cloud doesnt? ist very big trouble…

we dont have any tool make this whitelist on the server panel? can make this terminal coding?

You need to allow Cloudflare IPs on the origin side.
You might need to check with your hosting provider, or website administrator.
(how to do this depends on the systems / tools you’re using on your side)

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