My ad gets disapproved when i link to my landing page (hosted by you) in my Google Ads campaign. They say it’s because of my URL.

So i opened Developer Tools in my Google Chrome browser, and reloaded my page, and went to the network section. There was some similar options that appeared red there. They failed to connect. When i hover over them they display:



The names are similar:

info?t=1623952906722 (for example)

When i hover over them they show:

https://localhost:9000/sockjs-node/info…. and so on

Anybody know how to fix this?

Hi @jonaseriksenofficial,

That doesn’t sound like it’s related to Cloudflare. To confirm, you can try pausing Cloudflare (bottom right, under advanced actions) and check if the issue remains.

Looks like you were right, man! It’s still messed up… Do you have any idea of what it might be? I’m still clueless after raiding a shitload of tutorials online

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