For my website: I have the following error, after changing the nameservers to Cloudflare and downloading a cert + adding this in my SSL Manager in Siteground:


The installed cert is still there and should not be revoked. What can I do?

Does your server IP address end in 93? If so then you currently already have a Cloudflare certificate installed.

Can you post a screenshot of that error?

Hi sandro,

Thanks for checking that. The IP does end with 93 indeed.

This is the error:



The first screenshot is okay, you get that as Origin certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare.

The second screenshot is not so clear. Do you first get the second screenshot and then “details” brings up the first?

So far I’d say this simply is a DNS propagation issue and you are not connecting to Cloudflare’s proxies yet. Just wait a couple of hours.

OK, I’ll wait a bit then.

The 2nd screenshot is what I get when opening the website. The 1st one you get when clicking on the insecure notification in the address bar. I’ll try tomorrow :slight_smile:

The second screenshot is still not clear to me as the message should refer to an untrusted certificate authority, not a revoked certificate.

But anyhow, that will be a propagation issue and you still connect to your server directly instead of to the proxy. If you want to force it you could try to purge your computer’s DNS cache or reboot the router.

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