Hi Guys,

I have setup SSL on my website. It was working fine. But Now when I am accessing my website it is showing error that
your connection is not private.

I am unable to access my wordpress admin and my website.

Considering the certificate’s validity seems to be in order, it is most likely your system date which is off. Check the date.

Thanks for the response.

Date is correct. but still getting the same message.

Where does it say invalid date actually? Your screenshot would rather suggest it is a mismatch of the certificate CN.

Yes you are right. what are the steps to fix the problem? Can you give me guideline?

Or if it possible to remove the website and then add it again.


You are most likely using a cached DNS value. Wait a couple of hours until that gets cleared after which it should work.

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Cool, Thanks a lot

A different issue. Your server is not configured for HTTPS. So the connection via Cloudflare either wont work at all (and display a dummy “future home” message) or be still insecure.

You want to configure a proper certificate on your server.

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