Hi, I am having below domain and seems universal ssl certificate expire 3 days ago. How can I renew this SSL as universal SSL?



That’s not a universal cert, it’s purchased from Cloudflare. Maybe you didn’t renew or pay the bill?


I am sure that I did not purchased any SSL. However, I would like to use universal certificate. How can I enable universal certificate?


I’m just a user idk

But if you look here

The cert was good for a year with no sans, free certs don’t look like that.


Okay, Now, I would like to use free SSL in CloudFlare. Can you please guide me or send any article?


Look in the crypto tab and see if you can cancel anything


Under the Crypto tab, what mode is the SSL option set on ?




First, refer to this article to delete your existing certificates :

Then, under the Crypto -> Edge Certificates, click the Order SSL certificate and choose “Universal SSL”. Follow the on screen prompts to complete ordering the free certificate.


Thank you much. I will try right away


I think already done this. I you see below screenshot it is showing current certificate is universal.


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