I lost my secure status and is returning this privacy error (NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID) in Chrome and Safari cannot verify server identity.

I’ve researched as much as possible but none of the solutions appear to be working.

Bluehost tech support says the issue is on Cloudflare side.

Suggestions? Please simplify your answers - I’m not tech savvy. :frowning:

Open up a Support Ticket at Cloudflare. There’s a good certificate there, but it doesn’t have your domain listed, which is causing the error.

If you want to experiment, try turning SSL off in Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS app, then turn it back on. That might refresh the certificate.

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Thank you sdayman.

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i am facing this issue on after wait for one day it fixed automatically. because it take around 24 hours to activate free SSL.