I have Cloudflare Warp installed, and lots of websites now will not work unless WARP is enabled.
If warp is disabled then they are giving NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID
so I assume WARP has caused this issue.

If I check the certificate of said websites, it says they are using Cloudflare SSL.
However if I use a tool such as SSL Checker ( to check the website, This will show that the site DOES NOT use Cloudflare SSL at all.


Did you perhaps explain that backwards, and it doesn’t work with WARP Enabled?
It sounds like you have TLS Decryption on:

If you don’t want/need those features, disable it. If you do want it, you’ll need to install Cloudflare’s certs locally:

NO, it’s EXACTLY as I have explained above.
I am forced to have WARP enabled to make sites work.