NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error only when I use Cloudflare DNS servers

I only see this error when I use Cloudflare DNS servers. I am using Cloudflare on my website. It works fine with my ISPs DNS servers. Why is this the case? How can I fix it?

It loads fine for me. Can you share a screenshot of the error as it could be the request or response is being intercepted.

If I connect via my phone’s hotspot (i.e. not using Cloudflare dns), it works fine but when I revert back to using my router (which uses Cloudflare dns), it throws this error.

The direct link to my website loads fine so the cert I know is setup correctly:


Any idea on how to resolve this? I am still seeing this issue when using Cloudflare DNS servers. Is this a misconfiguration somewhere?

Basically, anyone using Cloudflare DNS servers wouldn’t be able to get to this website. Can anyone confirm they are able to?

This to me seems DNS caching issues at your router.

Try rebooting it which should clear the cache (or clear it if there is a process for it).

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That worked, thank you!

It was the darn router.


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