It’s been about 8 hours since I installed cloudflare cert and key on the vps. The site works fine for everyone other than me and it also works as soon as I switch to any VPN location.
However, without VPN, I get NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID and the fully qualified www. name takes forever to load until it times out.
I have tried my phone on the same connection and was surprised I have the same issue there. Is the issue specific to my local network? (I have tried flushing DNS and clearing site data)

What is the certificate the site is returning?

When I visit using a VPN, it returns an “E1” Let’s Encrypt certificate (in which case the site loads correctly), but when I visit it myself, it returns the Cloudflare origin one (which leads to the error).
I don’t understand why this is happening

Sounds like you have a DNS override for your site locally. This means your devices are going directly to the IP and not through Cloudflare.

So it has to be some override on my router?
Because my phone has the same issue when using wifi.
The thing is, I haven’t messed with the router.
I also don’t understand why outside my network, other people get the Let’s Encrypt instead of the cloudflare origin one?

Router, DNS server or on your device.

Because they are resolving to a Cloudflare IP address, so they get an edge SSL certificate.

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Router, DNS server or on your device.

Alright thanks, I’ll try to find where exactly it’s being overridden and reply back here.

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