.net core project


I’m planning to move my .net project to Cloudflare workers, but not sure how I can start or even Cloudflare workers support .net core projects.
I’m using .net core only for API to connect to react js project and right now our Reactjs project working on Cloudflare workers, so I have a few questions.

  1. Dose Cloudflare workers support .net core project
  2. How I can secure my API to make sure the only domain from the front end can access this API.
  3. We always restart the server when uploading the new publish so how I can do this process here.

and any other suggestions will help us!


CF workers only runs Javascript/Typescript and anything that compiles to WASM

Currently, very few languages compile to WASM nicely or sanely since it’s very new technology and all garbage-collected languages (like Python, PHP, or .NET) either don’t work with most features or perform very poorly at this early stage of support.

A very good explanation is here:

From a quick search, it looks like your only path might be Blazor, but again WASM is very new so you’ll effectively be working on it with very little documentation to help you, and some required parts might be broken or non-existent.

Port to kotlin? you might find Kotlin the equivalent of C# 11… And then you get a pretty solid JS compiler out the box, this would give you a path to using CF workers.

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