Neither or work - DNS issue

I am trying to make BOTH and work on my website, but not having much luck.

The domain is:

Any ideas?
Thank you seems to work, times out.

What have you configured for www? (both are proxied)

What do you want to happen?

  1. Make and both work - users will see or in the browser depending on which they visit.
  2. Redirect everything to, going to takes visitors to
  3. Redirect everything to, going to takes visitors to

I recommend #3. #1 splits traffic across two “sites” and means sites and links can be inconsistent. #3 is best if you have to CNAME to your hosting (since you can’t CNAME the domain in a way that can be seen by the hosting if that is a requirement, so #2 won’t work if that is the case).

#3 sounds like a smart implementation. How would I go about setting that up? Many thanks

Make sure the DNS record for www is correct and working first so you can get to in your browser (it isn’t at the moment, so get that working before doing anything else). It should point by A/AAAA records or a CNAME record to your hosting. Ensure your hosting is set to work for

Once working, you can delete any DNS entries for Then create a record for @ that is proxied and is A or AAAA 100::.

Then create a redirect rule here…
…by copying this example exactly…

changing: to and to

Ensure your SSL/TLS settings are set to “Full (strict)” here…

Regarding getting to work, using a CNAME record, there are a few fields that require values in the DNS.

Hosting: the url of the source code, where it’s actually hosted? Does this go here?
Content: I’m not sure what to put here?
Also, does this DNS record need to be proxied?

Thank you

The CNAME will be whatever your host asks you to set. They may just give you A or AAAA addresses instead. If so, use those - they should be the same as you used for @ (

I’ve attached the DNS for the CNAME that I used, and the result is an invalid SSL certificate error that I now get when I navigate

Where have I gone wrong with the CNAME DNS configuration? Thanks

This is what I now see when I navigate to

Check with your hosting that the SSL certificate there covers * or as well as

If not, and they can’t do it, things will have to be set up the other way round.

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