Neither redirect rule nor page rule is working. Redirect is not happenning

Hi there,

I’m trying to build a rule to redirect the traffic from one domain to another.
I want to redirect http/ and http/ to
I’ve tried both redirect & page rules, none of them worked. is proxied in Cloudflare with a A record, www has a CNAME pointing to the root (and is proxied too).
Here’re my rules setup (first one is redirect rule and 2nd is page rule):

It is not redirecting at all, can someone help me figure out which part went wrong?


They don’t seem to be proxied. Are you sure you toggled :orange:?


Thanks for your reply
I’m pretty sure the orange cloud button is toggled, here’s the screenshot:

BTW how to check if a domain is proxied or not?


When traffic is proxied, a request will normally return at least one header with the cf- prefix, the cf-ray header. I hadn’t seen it when I last checked last night, but now I see it.

BTW, I also see that the redirect is working now. Is your issue solved? Or this is a redirect you’ve set at the origin?

Yes my issue is solved, the redirect rule works now. I didn’t setup any redirect logic at the origin.
It turns out that someone paused Cloudflare on the .ca domain so even if I toggled the cloud buttons the domain was not proxied.

Once I activated Cloudflare on the domain, everything starts working as expected.

Thanks for your help!


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