Not using Cloudflare:

Is Cloudflare going to tackle this SOA issue.

No, they’re not. Is something not working for you?

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Thank you for the information.
At the moment, everything’s working fine

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Dear Sdayman,

I’m in the midst of migration a considerable amount of domains and I would like to migrate them in a setup where they pass all checks and regulations. This is the first time I’ve setup a domain with Cloudflare and I’m not getting my domains passed in a ‘green and perfect’ state.

Is there a paid service to tackle the SOA issue? Or would be the better place for us? (godaddy has same issue, although you control your SOA record there, just not the update interval).

kind regards,


What checks and regulations are you trying to meet? It’s not a generally good idea to follow every checklist you come across on the internet, most Cloudflare domains don’t have “”"“proper”"" SOA records and do just fine on things like Google search results and PCI compliance.


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