Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding

I am suddenly getting the issue while opening the website for the first time.

When I open this URL for the first time or in the private window, I am getting an error as "To access the website, click “Allow”

domain needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
Ray ID: 95f95578c56a3d1b
Performance & security by Cloudflare

Because of this reason, none of the REST APIs are working for my mobile App. how can I disable this check?

It’s very easy to check the firewall events and filter for that Ray ID. Then you’ll know what caused it and you know how to allowlist later.

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I tried it, and Ray ID is getting changed with every request.

Of course it changes with every new request because Ray ID is unique.

Or, are you trying to say that you were getting this issue with a website that you do not own?


I facing the issue with my own website. you can see the error screenshot as below:

So I want to disable this thing,.

Because of this reason, my mobile App is not working. I have created some of the APIs for the mobile App, and it’s checking for the connection first, and I am not getting the proper response in the JSON format for my mobile App.

That’s the reason I was asking for this. If you get that challenge page, you should see something in firewall analytics.


it snot showing any thing in the log and analytics.

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