Needing guidance on Cache rules for Blog

Hey guys!

Since joining CF, I’ve discovered a heap of things I never knew about. I’m not a web guy by any means.

One thing I’ve been reading about is caching static assets for my site. I’m very image heavy, and putting out about 10 articles a day. But I want to make sure I can cache as much as possible.

Here’s our site: https://HOUSEOFHEAT.CO

Firstly, how would I go about caching my statics assets? Is there a particular rule I can set?

Secondly, how long should I cache said assets, considering I post so frequently. I rarely change images within posts, maybe 1 post every 2-3 days gets changed. I imagine i could simply purge a selected page if that was the case?

Any guidance would be appreciated!


Images should be cached by default.

I’d first go with the default values and start tweaking only if it turns out it caches too much or too little.

Thanks Sandro, but how will I know if it’s caching too much or too little? Where do I measure that, and what is the benchmark?

You can check the caching ration under analytics and whether some pages may be over-cached, showing already outdated content.

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