Need Urgent Help for Firewall WAN IP address for CloudFlare Free Account

Dear All,

I am looking for an urgent help. We are using a free cloudflare account and I do have hosting with inmotion for our server and then configured Cloudflare with our domain.

One of our Partner would like to setup a VPN connection with our Server and asking for the Firewall WAN IP address at our side plus Server IP address. I have provided Server IP address but I am not sure on Firewall WAN IP address as Our Server hosting does not have Firewall. Seems like it would be Cloudflare side which sits at front end of our Server. Please can you guide about Firewall WAN IP address and where to get it. Apologies as I am novice user and will appreciate your help.


That wont work through Cloudflare. You need to give them your server’s actual IP address.

Thank you for your response. I have already given them my server IP address but they are asking for the firewall local lan IP Address. Please see attached diagram. Now Server team says, we dont know about it since there is no firewall at their end. But since ware using cloudflare, would it be something from this end. Appreciate your help. Cheers!


I am afraid that is something you need to clarify with your network administrator. That is not Cloudflare related any more.

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Thanks very much. Sure, I will proceed with this as suggested.


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