Need to use video in HTML5 video tag

Hi there. I love the cloudflare stream player, but I need to temporarily use one of the videos in our account in an html5 video tag. This doesn’t seem to be working. Any tricks available to make this happen?
We have a carousel that plays video, and until we can rework it to make use of the cloudflare player, we need to use html5 video. Any help is much appreciated!

we use which works fine with html5 videos.

Here a small snippet:

    const video = document.getElementById('video');
    const hls = new Hls();
    const src = "your_m3u8_cloudflare_url"

Thanks for your response, but what I need is just a video URL that can be placed straight into an

Videos from Cloudflare Stream can’t be put into a HTML5 video tag because the video tag does not support adaptive bitrate videos natively.

If this is a short (<15 second) video and you don’t use any sound, send me an email at [email protected], we might have workaround you can use to get around this issue. Otherwise I’d second the usage of hls.js or dash.js from above. They’re both excellent libraries to use with Stream.