Need to use MX Record

I am using Cloudflare nameserver at my website instead of default nameservers, but I am facing a problem at my website, is this problem happens to change nameserver or any thing else may happen.
I have website with user registration and BuddyPress installed and working, when users mention to any users then email should sent to the to user at his registered email address but email is not delievering to users email address, only emails are delievering at same domain name email address, suppose if user sign up using gmail email address then he should received email about new changes at website , but he is not receiving, but on the other hand if use registered with the email that is name of domain like [email protected] then he is receiving email,
what kind of this problem is , may I have to make any changes in cpanel to user Cloudflare nameserver ?

Thank you in advance.

Delivering to gmail depends on:

  • If DKIM, SPF, and DMARC are properly set up
  • your domain reputation (how “new” your site it, the volume of emails you send, how much engagement each email gets, how much spam you send out, etc)

Your email provider/host should be able to give you the proper DNS records you need to make sure DKIM, SPF, and DMARC are properly set up. If not i’d recommend switching to a different email provider (preferably Google’s own offering since I hear sending via GSuite increases chance of getting into inboxes).

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