Need to use Cloudflare's Nameservers if Cloudflare feature is already in Webhost's Cpanel?

We are using our webhost’s nameservers. Within their control panel, there is a Cloudflare tool and we have set that to “on” and fully configured it.

What purpose does Cloudflare’s tool in cpanel serve? Does it give full use of Cloudflare?

Because for our domain names, Cloudflare isn’t properly working.

Does one still need to use Cloudflare’s nameservers? i.e. Domain Name Registrar -> Cloudflare -> webhost?

On a related note, how does one configure the last part of that chain? Do we need to configure the settings under “DNS Management” to ensure both web traffic and email addresses goes to our webhost from Cloudflare?

Thank you.

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The cPanel integration should take care of everything for you, but since you didn’t post your domain name, we can’t check this.

The preferred method is to directly add the domain to Cloudflare and not use use the webhost integration. The only way their integration would be better would be if they offered a free premium Cloudflare feature, such as Railgun.

Thank you for the very fast response.

I didn’t want to post the domain name, because I didn’t want to violate your rules.

The domain name is

Cloudflare’s diagnostic tool gives quite a few negatives for it:

I appreciate some of these are because a security certificate has not been set-up for the website yet (we’re working on a new site), but would it be better if we went through Cloudflare first?

As regards the point you made, the webhost does actually provide Railgun. Therefore I’m wondering if it’s better to go via Cloudflare or via the webhost? i.e. Domain Name Registrar > Cloudflare > Webhost or Domain Name Registrar > Webhost > Cloudflare tool/app in Webhost cpanel > Cloudflare?

Also the problem with the current configuration is that when we try to set Cloudflare to “on” using the switch in the webhost’s cpanel for subdomains, then those subdomains stop working completely. See screenshot as an example.

Why do you think that is happening please and what can we do?

Many thanks!

We have exactly the same issue. The Nameservers for us to use with our domain name registrar to use Cloudflare CDN are not showing anywhere at all in our Cloudflare account!

I have spent nearly half an hour looking for them in our Cloudflare account pages!

Please see attached screenshots.

In Cloudflare’s help section these pages are supposed to show the nameservers for us to use from our domain name registrar’s control panel.

Our webhost (to which the nameservers currently go) has Cloudflare in its Cpanel, which we have switched to “on”. But we are having issues through that mechanism, so that’s why we would like to use Cloudflare’s CDN directly.

Please can someone help?


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If you want to keep Railgun, then keep your existing configuration and contact your host’s Support desk to fix any DNS issues.

Otherwise, turn off the Cloudflare integration at your host and manually add your domain to Cloudflare in the regular way.

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Thank you for your helpful reply.

In terms of the functionality of Cloudflare, can you please explain the difference between using Cloudflare via our webhost’s nameservers and the Cloudflare feature in their Cpanel versus using Cloudflare directly i.e. using Cloudflare’s nameservers?

Is there any advantage to using Cloudflare directly, via Cloudflare nameservers?

I note that our webhost’s Cloudflare section in Cpanel provides Railgun, which is not available on the free plan of Cloudflare we are using, so that’s one advantage of going via the webhost.

Thanks very much.

Also, our webhost is suggesting we may be able to use Railgun (through their set-up for that), even if we use Cloudflare’s DNS nameservers and have a free Cloudflare account.

How specifically can we do that please?

You would have to ask them how that would be possible. Railgun won’t show up in the Dashboard for a Free Plan domain.


Thanks very much.

Can we use the full Cloudflare service through Cloudflare integration within our webhost’s cpanel or not? Or is it inferior to using Cloudflare’s CDN through

Basically, which set-up is better, out of the following?:

Domain Name Registrar > (Free Package) > Clook

Domain Name Registrar > Webhost > Cloudflare Integration via our Webhost

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