Need to update CNAME for CF server with no access

Hi, I am a new eComm developer for my company and I have a site that is a Shopify site and I need to update the CNAMEs where the nameserver is a Cloudflare server I don’t have access to.

The domain is hosted on Network Solutions. I cannot revert to Network Solutions’ server as it will take the site down for 24-48 hours, which I cannot have as it’s live. Not even the owner of the site has access to update the CNAMEs. I don’t have a need to use Cloudflare for anything else other than this issue at this time. How/or what do I do to gain access to this nameserver? No one in the CF Support will help me.

Please help.

That’s an interesting situation. How come you don’t have access to it? It’d be easier to figure out your login issue than any other option.

Any other option won’t necessarily take your site down for 24-48 hours if your new name server setup has an identical set of DNS records. And that’s what you’ll have to do if you can’t get access to the username/password or email address on that Cloudflare account.

I’m not sure why the prior Dev team doesn’t have creds for Cloudflare. We acquired the domain from the prior company that held it, long before me, and that company is long gone.

And I agree with you about acquiring login information. I asked Cloudflare support if I can get a username/pw for the server and they said they can’t help me without an account and pointed me here. Very frustrating they won’t help. I created an account on CF but haven’t paid anything as I don’t need anything at this time other than access to the server. Is that what’s it’s going to take? Pay a month of fees to have them help me gain access?

The reason I need it is Shopify said they are retiring part of the email name, like and I need to update CNAMEs in order to avoid email bouncebacks.

Network Solutions is the one who said if I ‘revert’ the server back to one of their name servers it would be down 24-48 hours. Is that not true?

I’m sure you can see their point of view how bad this would be for them to do. By the way, there’s no server here for you to log into. It’s just an account with a bunch of domain settings.

As it doesn’t seem like Cloudflare can contact the owner of the account with the information they have, I don’t see how they can proceed.

I already answered this part and explained why.

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