Need to update A record DN, but my domain is registered elsewhere , please help!

My domain is with Dynadot but my server is here with Cloud fare and I have no way of getting my DNS record to point back to Bluehost

Edit your DNS records in your Cloudflare dashboard here…


Event after allowing the propagation to take place more than 48hours, it still did not do so properly. I’m looking to point my a record to Bluehose.

I don’t have any other record connect on this server.

What should I do next?

What is your domain name?

I don’t see any A or AAAA records added:

Could you share a screenshot of how your DNS section on the Cloudflare dashboard looks?

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The nameservers in your screenshot are not the same as the nameservers at your registrar. Conform you’re in the correct account on Cloudflare and if so, update your nameservers at your registrar.

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How do I locate the registars?

The registrar is who you pay for your domain registration.

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