Need to transfer my domain from cloudflare

I really need to transfer my domain from here. Its so difficult

I do not see any Cloudflare Registrar domains in your account. I see one website and the domain registrar for that name is not cloudflare.

Do you want to stop using cf on the site? Change the nameservers back to the originals from your domain registrar.

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Thanks I dont want it to go back to where it came from. Can I point the domain to anywhere I want it to go. I want it to go to GoDaddy.

You can transfer your domain registration to a different domain registrar. There are ICANN rules on domain transfer that guide that process, Transfer Policy - ICANN, but generally, yes, you can transfer the registration as you like.

That sounds like changing hosting providers as opposed to a change of domain registrar. If so, also yes, you can also “point” the domain to an origin server where your site is hosted. You’d change the content (IP address) of your DNS A record.

Hmmm thanks this is helpful) pointing would be a quick fix I just want to be done with CF altogether. However, I cant seem to get an auth code to transfer. Transferring is super easy just difficult here.

Probably because you don’t need one. You are not transferring the domain registration, you’re removing the site from cloudflare. To do that, contact your domain registrar and ask that they change the nameservers to their default. Or, contact your domain registrar and transfer your domain to godaddy and have godaddy set godaddy ns when they do the transfer.

Then, go to and select Remove this site from Cloudflare in the lower right corner
Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 5.31.38 PM

Before you do that, you’ll want to make note of your DNS records and perhaps export them so you don’t run into issues down the line when you recreate the records.

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Thanks so very much. I started to take the advised route you highlighted. But Godaddy is requiring the authorization

Your screenshot shows that you need a code from your current registrar, Tucows. While they do have a retail arm that trades under another name, according to the information in their whois database, you are using one of their partners. You will need to contact them for assistance.

Registration Service Provider:
SG Hosting Inc., [email protected]
This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.
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Now I must say your amazzzzzzzing. Blessings and thanks


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