Need to Stop charging for APO, Since PRO is activated recently

We have activated APO on top of free plant by paying 5 Dollar per month. But now we have activated pro plan.

How do we remove the APO subscription, Since APO is part of Pro Plan.

On the Cloudflare dashboard, go to “Manage account” and select “Billing”. On the page that opens up, go to the “Subscriptions” tab. From there you should be able to cancel APO.

We could see only option which is Pro subscription, though we have APO since last 1 or 2 month. But pro we have activated just last week.
Attachd snapshot.

If APO is not in that list then you won’t be billed for it.

You will be billed for APO up until the moment you switched to Pro but shouldn’t be any longer.


I double checked your account and the APO paid plan is deactivated at this time.

So what should we do now? because it is part of Pro ?

And at our end, it is showing on.

Kindly help to check further…whether it is on in the backend or not ?
It is working or not ?

It’s part of Pro, so you have it still.

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