Need to set up ftp access within Wordpress


I have a server with several websites running. Two of these are in Wordpress and I want to be able to update plugins etc from within Wordpress via ftp. Both sites have CNAME records proxying their subdomain name to the server name in Cloudflare.

Since moving to Cloudflare, ftp on one of the sites has continued to work perfectly. For the other I just get a message in Wordpress saying it cannot connect to the server (ftp for the subdomain via FileZilla to the server IP works fine). I have tried setting up a CNAME ftp address in Cloudflare (proxying turned off/grey) but still no luck.

Wondering if there is something else I can try or am missing, not sure why one would work but not the other.

Many thanks

If you’re using a CNAME for ftp, the CNAME needs to be :grey: DNS Only, but so does the hostname it points to. If you CNAME to your website domain, and that has the :orange: proxy turned on, ftp can’t work.

Instead of a CNAME, create a :grey: DNS Only AAAA record (for IPv6) or A record (for IPv4) with its own name (like ftp) pointing directly to the appropriate IP address.



Yes, turning off the proxying on the main domain record fixed it.

Many thanks for the help.

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That will disable all Cloudflare features and protection on your website. It’s much better to create a new DNS entry for ftp pointing to the IP address and leave the website entries proxied.

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Yes, I just turned it off briefly to do the updates then back on again. Going forward I’ll sort out the IP address solution you suggested.

Many thanks.

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