Need to set up DNS in Edge

I need to set the DNS in microsoft Edge but don’t know how to do this.

Can someone tell me how I set this in Microsoft Edge.


If you are trying to do this in the classic edition of Microsoft Edge (that runs Trident/isn’t based on Chrome) then it isn’t possible.

If you mean the recently pushed Edge that is based on Chrome with a settings page that looks like this, it’s possible:


  1. go to edge://settings/privacy or settings-> “Privacy, search, and services” and scroll down to “Security”

  2. turn on “use secure DNS to specify how to lookup…”, click ‘choose a search provider’ and select Cloudflare.

Note that organizations can manage this policy - if your educational institution or work runs some sort of DNS server themselves and manages your device, they can disable the ability to do this. This is known as “MDM”.


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