Need to send DNS setttings to CloudFlare

Hi everyone, my host (Xneelo) has asked for me to send DNS records to CloudFlare to point to before they can update the name servers. I can’t seem to be able to send these directly or make contact with CloudFlare through support channels

They (Xneelo) don’t offer CPanel but something called KonsolH - which doesn’t allow for name server changes through that interface

Can someone please advise how I can get these DNS settings to CloudFlare to update so I can continue?

From Xneelo…

We will gladly update the name servers of … Before we proceed, we will need your confirmation on the following points…

  1. You will need to request that Cloudflare points your DNS records for the domain to your xneelo server. You can provide them with the below DNS settings to duplicate on their side:

Kindly confirm once Cloudflare has successfully configured your DNS records to point to xneelo and we will proceed to update your name server records.

Hi @spencer2,

Cloudflare won’t make changes on your behalf, but you can manage your own DNS records in The DNS App of your dashboard. You should be able to check the existing records and add/edit/remove any you need to.

Relevant tutorials:

Hi Dom,

That is a great help - thank you so much, back on track! :slight_smile:

Have a top week

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