Need to renew SSL Certificate but I don't have access to account holder info

My company’s SSL Certificate expires on Sunday 11/28/21 and I therefore need to renew it (…at least I think I do). However, my IT manager who is the account holder and would typically handle this is currently inaccessible and will be for the foreseeable future.

Please help with the renewal process. My company is Cloverdale Equipment Co and our IT Manager’s name is Lamont Davis ([email protected]) - if that helps.

Your Cloudflare Universal SSL certificates will automatically renew as long as you are using their Name Servers authoritatively for your domain, or your WWW subdomain is orange-clouded.

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Thanks for the quick response. How can I confirm that we’re using the Name Servers authoritatively for our domain or that our WWW subdomain is orange-clouded?


You can use online DNS tools to check. You are using the Cloudflare NS servers . You are do have your domain proxied for

I also checked your www domain and your certificate is expiring on June 8 2022

You should be all set unless there is a different domain that is going to expire.

Perfect! That’s the correct domain – so like you said, we should be all set. Thanks again for the quick reply.


As @Jake1st said, your Cloudflare certificate is fine:

The certificate you are referring to here:

is this one → | 3687866020

That is a certificate from GoDaddy, not Cloudflare.

You may well need to renew that with GoDaddy unless you have an alternative in place. You do need to keep a valid certificate on your origin server for your site to be secure.

And that’s very much the issue. If the OP’s server IP address ends in 52, he not only has an invalid certificate on his server but also an insecure encryption mode.

@user12100, you currently seem to have an insecure site.

Can you please provide further explanation and specific next steps that need to be take. My understanding was that there are 2 SSL Certificates that unless CloudFlare put them on their Universal SSL Certificates will need to be updated. And my thought was that CloudFlare would assist with this update. Is that not correct (or not a complete understanding)?

I’ve called GoDaddy, but they don’t seem to be able to assist - and they point back to Network Solutions because the whois server is with them.

Please help.

The SSL Cert Names are:

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