Need to point to new website

Hi, I need help to point my current address to my new website which is currently in

In other words, when I type either or, I should see the new website in

Please help. Thanks

That would be a regular HTTP redirect. You can either configure this directly on your server or, alternatively, create a page rule at Cloudflare.

How can I create a page rule at Cloudflare?

Is this one where I can point to

If yes, should I choose 302 temporary redirect or 301 permanent redirect?

And should I Save as Draft or Save & Deploy?

You want to redirect from api to www? I thought the other way round.

yes i want to redirect from api to www

So when users go to www, it will see the, but the url should be seeing ‘’

See my screenshot below for the new website

Do I have to change the DNS records before changing the page rule?

Do you have access to the api server? If so, you should be able to change your web server config to respond on both www and the root website, then change the DNS for www and your root domain to the api server’s IP address.

I think I have. Here’s my screenshot of the cPanel with only as the only domain
Should I add another domain called

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