Need to point my Domain to my VPS host but need cloud flare also!

I am new to cloud flare and have managed to get setup for the most part. But I have run into a problem. I need my domain name to point to but can’t figure out how to get that to work ?. I have watched many tutorials online and they all seem outdated or look like a much older Cloud Flare layout or website style from a long time ago. So what I need is to have the security and all the important stuff with cloud flare. How do I keep my domain attached to Cloud Flare and also point to ?.

I don’t know what streamerservers is, but Cloudflare is basically DNS that routes traffic to your site.

If you can add your DNS records to Cloudflare, then your site should work. is my domain. if you read it again you can see .ca at the end. it’s not streamerservers it’s “” which is clearly stated in the post.

Yeah, I noticed. It doesn’t really matter what the TLD is:

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