Need to Point IP my account in Cloudflare to Siteground


Non techie here. I am trying to point my sites to Siteground via A record to point to siteground. A few minutes ago I pointed my nameservers to Cloudflare but I don’t know how to do the second part. When I look at the current Ip address in Cloudflare, they do have Siteground’s IP but I am assuming I need to do something else. I checked on GT Metrix and it says: No address associated with hostname

I would appreciate any help as I don’t know what to do
Thank you

Your DNS entries here should match the DNS entries at Siteground. A records, MX, CNAME, etc.

If you post the domain name, we can do more tests.

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I was able to point one over but I still have an message to correct one of them and I don’t know which one and how my domain:

That domain is working for me. The ‘www’ redirects to the naked domain and then it loads.

If you just changed your name servers, it can take 24 to 48 hours for full DNS propagation.

Thank you. Just out of curiosity, I just finished setting up w3 total cache and settings seem fine but GT Metrix does not reflect. Does this have something to do with the nameserver just being changed. I was wondering if GT Metrix takes a bit to update or if it’s my doing?

I appreciate your help

What’s not showing? I just ran GTMetrix through Vancouver and it’s going through Cloudflare.

It seems to me you could have Cloudflare cache the homepage and not run into problems. Keep in mind that if the home page looks different for a logged in user, that might throw a wrench into homepage caching if it caches a logged in user’s view of the page.

To proceed, add a Page Rule:
Setting: Cache Level (Cache Everything), Edge Cache TTL (A day or so, depending upon need)

Thanks for the help

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