Need to point Cloudflare domain to a new host (Hostinger)

I have my domain registered on Cloudflare, i recently migrated my site to Hostinger now I need to point it to Hostinger to continue my site there. I changed the DNS records but still not working. I saw that to point the domain I have to update the Cloudflare nameservers with Hostinger-provided ones, but I cannot find the change option. so, I proceeded to change the DNS records. added an A record + @ +Hostinger IP and CNAME record www + “Domain name”. It has already been 20-plus hours but still could not access my site from Hostinger. if someone can help I’d appreciate it. Thanks

You don’t need to change the nameservers just for a new host (and if you do, Cloudflare will no longer work for your domain). You just need to change the A/AAAA/CNAME records in your DNS settings as you say you have done.

Can you give the domain name?


@sjr Sure Its “craftperk” .com. i only added A and CNAME record. is it the case!

Your site is working for me. However… is showing Cloudflare IP addresses (I guess this is the CNAME and it is proxied). is showing your Hostinger IP address (I guess this is the A records) so it is not proxied. You should turn on the proxy for this so it can use Cloudflare features.

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Hey @sjr i really appriciate your help!
Main issue is sorted by working with Hostinger. now the site is visible thanks to them, i was very frustrated. their take on the issue was below as they said,

“Regarding the domain craftperk .com, I can see that the error is caused by SSL certificate which is not installed, I am currently re-installing it for you:”

so there is that.

regarding the DNS proxied or not proxied setting is also right. ive attached a screenshot here. i think this is the setting you exactly explaind. So, u are saying that i should make A record proxied right? i do not understand what this will do, could you tell me what will it do. ?

Thanks again.

Proxying means that traffic isn’t send directly to your server, but to Cloudflare first. CF then forwards the traffic to your server

This is a requirement if you want to use features like CF’s cache or firewall.

How Cloudflare works · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs.


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