Need to OPEN Port 465 on cloudflare

I got the below message from my Web Developer, but I have no idea HOW to Open Port 465 in Cloudflare?

Any help appreciated!

The given STMP server ( doesn’t connect from our Amazon app server. we need to open the port 465 at cloudflare also. please check the below screen shots from amazon:

That’s a mail protocol. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email (unless you have Spectrum on an Enterprise plan). So that DNS entry should be set to :grey:.

I have the MX Records in place, and can send email from main domain “”. But I’m trying to send from I guess?

So, I ADD A New DNS Entry Record? For what domain? Are there instructions for that type of entry? I read the linked article, thanks but does not really help me with this directly.

It looks like you have two DNS entries for that hostname (mail). An “A” record and a CNAME. There should just be one, most likely the “A” record.

Thank you…I didn’t set it up, so for now I’m afraid to delete anything, but I forwarded your note to my Web dev.


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