Need to obtain contact for abuse


I am looking for an e-mail address to contact a site that I am unable to obtain through Whois or perhaps Cloudflare itself can assist.

Not sure if I should ask specifically what it is here on the public forum.

Thank you in advance,

If you need to report a site, you need to let the Trust & Safety team know via their reporting mechanism.

If you feel that a site is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report at Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

You will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation code in the Subject. While the Trust and Safety team will review the details of your report, that may be the only reply you receive.

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Thank you cloonan. Indeed, submitting it through the reporting mechanism is logical. I have made reports through it several times. Beings that I am coming from this by not being able to find the e-mail address, I had the idea to ask here.

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