Need to move emails from Microsoft Exchange

HI, I need to move my emails from Microsoft exchange to microsoft 365 personal. The emails I want to move are not showing up in my microsoft 365 personal. Microsoft says they checked and cloudflare needs to point the emails in the right place for me. How do I get them to help me do this?

Need to move emails from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365 personal. Microsoft says cloudflare has to change this as they are the nameserver. Help

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

The ability to use a personal Microsoft 365 account with your own domain is restricted to domains that are registered with GoDaddy and has additional limitations.

If you are talking about moving emails that you already received, that is outside of what Cloudflare or the Community can assist you with. If you just want new mail that would have been be to sent an Exchange server to start going to another server, you should be able to update your DNS to accomplish that.

  1. What is your domain?
  2. Are you able to access your DNS records in your Cloudflare account?
  3. Do you know what records Microsoft has asked you to change?

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