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I receive intermittent mail delivery replies, “Status Notification Error (Failure).” Digging through, I found that I need to " Modify the [SPF record] to include the server you’re trying to send from (my owned domain, btw) or remove the SPF record from the domain.
I do not have any idea how to do this. Can anyone provide me step-by-step instructions (screenshots would be super helpful too) to guide me?
Thanks so much!
Super Not Techie Person

I use two tools to assist with this:

  1. to look at my records
  2. to send a test mail to and let me know what’s wrong with my records.

Cloudflare will publish whatever TXT record that contains your spf, but you will need to get the actual SPF content from your mail host. Once you get that, here’s a tutorial on DNS records, including TXT for spf:

Thanks so much!
In dmarcian, I typed in my domain then clicked “SPF Surveyor.” Was that the correct next step?
Then I clicked “Survey domain.”
Scrolling down I clicked on the “Record” to expand the view and see the following:
v=spf1 -all
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip6:2a01:111:f400::/48 ip6:2a01:111:f403::/48 -all

Is this what I am looking for? If yes, what part do I add?

Thanks again!

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