Need to Modify an A record to Point a site at Cloudflare

I am working with a registrar that does not transfer control of DNS to another server even when the nameservers are changed. I migrated a site to a new host. I changed the nameservers but, I still had to change the A record for the domain, to the IP address of the new server so that the registrar would access the new server.

I want to put the domain on Cloudflare. Is there a Cloudflare IP address that I can use to point the domain, controlled by this registrar, to Cloudflare so that the DNS records for this site controlled by Cloudflare?

It’s impossible, if nameservers are changed to ones provided by Cloudflare, registrar doesn’t have control over your DNS zone file anymore.


I checked with the support at this particular registrar. The old DNS records were still in effect after I changed the name servers. Unusual I have not seen anything like it before. The support at this particular registrar prescribed this course of action. Has any one else seen behavior like this?

Are you sure that this is not caused by DNS cache?

Check your NS records from website above and if you see Cloudflare NS records, it means that your device, router or ISP cached old DNS records. Try with different device, private browser window and VPN you have one.


There was no DNS Cache. I was using What’s My DNS to monitor propigation of the records after I made the change. I could see the new maeservers propigating. There was no change in the A record for the server. At that point I contacted support for the Registrar.

I have never seen anything like this. I am hoping that there is someone in the communicty who might have additional insight.

Whats the domain in question?


The domain in question is for a law firm in New Jersey, The other thing that has me scratching my head is, I did a WHOIS look up on the domain but mothing came back. The site is definately live. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


That domain does exist, it does not point to Cloudflare however. The nameservers still point to ipowerweb.

I see the site and get results from a whois, the page loads but with a lot of mixed content issues. If you search on this site for “mixed content” you’ll see a lot of discussion on how to address.

WRT the issue of your registrar not changing your name servers, I am at a loss. I’d change my registrar.

My guess is this is rather a glitch with whatever whois service was used.

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